New ADDCAD 2017

Work faster with the new tools that let you switch between different vies and floors. Also generate elevation and section views including 3D solid elements.

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Management of layers and aspect of status bar

AddCAD 2017 allows you to choose the current view, activate/deactivate the layers and choose the current layer in the status bar, thus greatly speeding up your work.

In the figure on the left you can see the pop-up menu for the management of the layers. To open this pop-up menu just click on the text Current floor level. Please note that you will find in the list all the layers present in the drawing. You can select a layer from the list.

The layer selected will then become the current one whereas all the others will be deactivated. This is an efficient way when you want to concentrate on the design of the selected layer.

There are three icons at the top that represent three selectable commands. The first at the top activates all the layers in the drawing, the second lets you an object in the drawing belonging to the layer which then becomes the current layer. In this case the other layers are not deactivated. The third command lets you select a layer that you want to deactivate in the drawing.

Similarly as seen for the layer management it’s possible to select the type of view in the status bar by simply clicking the text View. A pop-up menu will appear from which you can choose the type of view.

The figure on the right shows how this option works. Please note that, once selected the type of view, the drawing area is updated only when you pass the mouse over it (this also applies to the layer management). This ZWCAD behavior may seem puzzling at first but then it won’t cause any problem.

Generation of views with solids

Many users have requested the possibility to generate views (elevations, sections) by using the GENSEZ command also including the presence of tridimensional solid elements.

Unfortunately there are currently some API limitations which prevent the possibility to get sufficient information on the solids. Nonetheless, in this AddCAD version solid views are generated with a limitation that is generally acceptable. Eventual curved surfaces are still ignored.

In the following figure you can see some solids and relative results obtained by using GENSEZ. Please note the absence in the isometric view of the two curved edges that you can anyway easily correct by hand using the object snaps.